Summery Suits

Summer is around the corner which means one thing; weddings! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about expanding your wardrobe with some lighter options. There are a few different
directions to explore; let me break it down for you.

Linen: If your primary concern is beating the heat, linen will be your
coolest option. It’s lightweight, breathable, and is great for a casual
setting. If you have a beach or destination wedding to attend this
summer, this is a perfect pick for you! You can never go wrong with
the white, cream, or tans but if you’re feeling a bit more daring, don’t
be afraid of color. Make a statement with a sky blue or lilac purple
color choice. Unfortunately they are so casual that linen suits are not
particularly versatile. However, you can get some extra use by wearing
the pants in lieu of jeans when its boiling out or the jacket alone as a

Seersucker: Looking to add a little twist to your wardrobe? Seersucker
is the answer. With playful colors and distinct texture, this striped
cotton suit displays character and is simply refreshing. It’s lightweight
to help keep you cool on those warm and sunny days. This suit fabric
allows you to branch out with some color, especially pastels! Try a soft
pink, lavender, or powder blue that will separate you from the navy
seersucker standard everyone else is wearing.

Cotton: Here is your happy medium. It breathes better than wool,
but allows a bit more versatility than linen. It’s formal enough to wear
to most work and can be agreat option to spice up your summer
wardrobe. Most people opt for the classic cotton tan or olive look. With
a darker color such as black, charcoal, or navy you’ll look formally
dressed while still feeling comfortable in hot weather..

Wool: It may not be as cool as linen or cotton but wool will always be
your classic suit. You can continue to build your wardrobe with this
year-round fabric. Use color instead of fabric to add a lighter option
to the summer rotation. Mix it up with a light grey, medium brown, or
camel color to lighten up the closet. You can play around with various
shirt and tie colors to fit the season and extend the suit’s range.

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