Using off color finishing to spice up a shirt

Alabaster & Chess shirt finishing allows our customers to individualize every shirt from the most basic fabric selection right down to the last stitch. Changing the color of your button and button hole stitching or using a contrasting color on the inside of your cuffs and collars allows you to add a personal touch that augments standard monogramming and style options. We want each shirt to use complementary color combinations to create an aesthetic that catches but doesn’t distract the eye.

So how does it work? On a typical shirt, the color of the button/button hole stitching will match the base color of the shirt and there will be no contrast inside or outside the collar and cuffs. However, some subtle changes can add a world of personality and vitality to a shirt. Take for example a blue shirt with a box pattern. By changing some or all of the stitching to a light pink or different shade of blue color, we have added another layer of color that give a shirt depth and a little extra flavor!

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