Collar & Tie Style Guide

When it comes to collars, there may be some confusion on the different styles and what the best pick is for you. No worries, we’re here to help! This is a quick guide which covers your 5 basic collar types.


Your standard and most popular shirt collar. It has a medium spread which makes it a versatile choice when it come to pairing with tie knots. You knot can range from small to large, just shy away from the extremes. Feel like going casual? Ditch the tie and undo a couple buttons. The point collar is your choice for this look, it will prevent the collar tips from flying out away from the neck. The medium spread also flatters most face shapes.


Exhibits a small, narrow opening. Your tie knot choices are limited here, but the classic four-in-hand compliments this collar nicely. If you have a rounded jaw line, full cheeks, or a short neck, this option is very fitting. It will help lengthen and elongate your face.


A variation of your point collar. There is one small button on each collar tip which keeps them from flying away. This has a more casual look which can be worn with or without a tie. Be sure to note that the collar buttons are always meant to be fastened!


Creates a larger collar opening. Perfect fit for large tie knots such as the Windsor. If you have a slender face or long neck, stick with this wider spread. The horizontal lines in the collar will give your narrow face some balance and compliment your bone structure.


A more drastic version of the spread collar. The space from point to point on the collar is wider. Just like the spread, the cutaway pairs wonderfully with the full Windsor knot. If you prefer more tie exposure, this is your ticket.


Exclusively found on tuxedo shirts. This type of collar allows more of your bowtie to be exposed. Suitable for weddings and special occasions.

Now that we’ve covered your collar styles, let us brief you on your need to know tie knots.

WINDSOR: Also known as full Windsor or double Windsor. It creates a timeless and symmetrical triangular shape, commonly worn with formal attire. It’s large size calls for a spread collar.

HALF WINDSOR: A smaller, more simple version of the Windsor. The medium sized knot is a classic and can be worn for any occasion. It compliments nearly every type of collar.

PRATT: Comes in handy for shorter ties or tall men! It requires little amount of length to create and pairs well with most collar styles. You can’t go wrong with this clean knot.

FOUR-IN-HAND: The most popular knot due to it’s simplicity. This is the smallest of these knots and is slightly asymmetric. If you have a narrow collared shirt, this knot is a perfect fit.

Not quite an expert on your tie knots? Use this knot chart for clean cut instructions!

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