Spring is Coming! (hopefully)

Nothing beats down the soul like Winter. When it hits as hard and lasts as long as this one has, tweed pants yield to snow pants, coats morph into parkas and dress boots give way to rubber. Even the most ardent sartorial ambition is drowned in the drudgery of slush puddles and black ice. But when the sun finally peaks through and the grass begins to peek through, even the longest winter turns to Spring. Shake off the doldrums, get ready and make sure your Spring and Summer wardrobe is bursting with the color and flavor to enjoy the thaw!

First step towards the warmer weather starts with your shirts. Shirts are the easiest way to transition between the seasons. When your mind is in Spring but its still 35 degrees you can lighten your mood and outfit with a burst of fresh color under a seasonably appropriate charcoal or navy suit. This shirt features rich blue and red tones that are a great transition colors.

As the weather warms and the follows start to peek through its time to take it to the next level. Leave your winter doldrums behind and add a new color to the wardrobe. Find a unique color outside your comfort zone. Add a soft tone yellow or mix greens and purples to embrace the season!

Ready to win the season? Take a cue from one of our most stylish customers and add a Spring/Summer blazer. Your tweed is worn and loved from the winter but it needs a rest. Make a statement, give your navy stalwart a day off, and shake off the winter’s last shackles!


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