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Leave the gold buttons behind: Re-inventing the Navy blazer

The hall of fame Navy

The Navy blazer is probably the most common and universal element of a man’s wardrobe- Everyone has one. Its the easy out for most “business casual” endeavors but, in practice, leaves a lot to be desired. Across the world, men fumble their way through, what should be, a man’s best friend. While the classic navy blazer will never go out of style, it can get a little stale. We’ll help you leave the country club, gold button blazer behind, with a few simple twists that will keep you a step ahead.

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We Endorse- Alan Flusser’s “Dressing the Man”


Colors and cuts change with the seasons but some things never change. Men’s Fashion is based on core concepts of proportion and complements that have and will, stand the test of time. Alan Flusser is one of our sages.

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The Core Four Essential Suits for Every Man’s Wardrobe


Any man that wears suits on a regular basis needs a  Core Four  foundation of suits that are essential for regular use as you begin to build a bigger and more diverse wardrobe.
There are two ways to build a custom wardrobe without overhauling everything at once; either fill the pieces that are missing or replace the ones that are worn or ill fitting. Either way you will begin by making sure you have the Core Four suits. The basics with allow you versatility and won’t be as noticeable when worn often. Once you’re set with these four, you can expand with suits that have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures!

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Styling your gear!

Wide Spread

Designing custom clothing can be both enlightening and overwhelming. Most of the details are things you have never considered while shopping off the rack. Those details are also part of what makes Alabaster & Chess so special. We customize every option down to the last stitch. We’ll even work with something you come up with yourself! Here is a basic breakdown of our most common style options to help guide you through the design process!

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Introducing A&C Shorts


We are not your grandfather’s stodgy old tailor. We strive to build a full custom wardrobe to match every occasion and mood. You’ve been asking for them and now we’ve delivered. We are excited to introduce shorts to the Alabaster & Chess collection!

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Summery Suits


Summer is around the corner which means one thing; weddings! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about expanding your wardrobe with some lighter options. There are a few different
directions to explore; let me break it down for you.

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Free money! Refer your friends a gift certificate and earn credit!


Our new referral program is live! The premise is simple; send your friends and colleagues a free $30 gift certificate and earn $30 credit towards your next order. No limits. No gimmicks. This program takes all the pressure off of you and lets us do the work. Anyone with interest can be sent a gift certificate and we’ll follow up to get them on the team. Keep spreading the A&C gospel and never pay for clothing again!

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Michael Smith in A&C on ESPN’s Number’s Never Lie!


Alabaster & Chess is proud to be outfitting Michael Smith on ESPN’s new hit Number’s Never Lie. Building off our continuing work with Colin Cowherd, we have developed a complex, layered “nerd chic” look for Michael, as he takes a saber-metric approach to the Sports World.  Congrats Michael on the new show; We are proud to be working with you!

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Colin Cowherd of ESPN’s Sportsnation rocking A&C


Colin Cowherd, co-host of ESPN’s hit new show Sportsnation, has been wearing our clothing all season. Together with Colin and his producers we have tried to give him a wardrobe upgrade as he makes the transition from syndicated ESPN radio host to on air TV. Utilizing bright colors and finishing to subtly catch the viewers eye, we have created a jeans/shirt/blazer look that is uniquely modern and hip in the often overwhelming world of ESPN suits. Check out Colin daily on ESPN2 from 4-5 pm or at Sportsnations Youtube account.

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