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We Endorse- Alan Flusser’s “Dressing the Man”

Colors and cuts change with the seasons but some things never change. Men’s Fashion is based on core concepts of proportion and complements that have and will, stand the test of time. Alan Flusser is one of our sages.

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The Core Four Essential Suits for Every Man’s Wardrobe

Any man that wears suits on a regular basis needs a  Core Four  foundation of suits that are essential for regular use as you begin to build a bigger and more diverse wardrobe.

There are two ways to build a custom wardrobe without overhauling everything at once; either fill the pieces that are missing or replace the ones that are worn or ill fitting. Either way you will begin by making sure you have the Core Four suits. The basics with allow you versatility and won’t be as noticeable when worn often. Once you’re set with these four, you can expand with suits that have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures!

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Styling your gear!

Designing custom clothing can be both enlightening and overwhelming. Most of the details are things you have never considered while shopping off the rack. Those details are also part of what makes Alabaster & Chess so special. We customize every option down to the last stitch. We’ll even work with something you come up with yourself! Here is a basic breakdown of our most common style options to help guide you through the design process!

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Alabaster & Chess Wedding Guide

We want to help you with your wedding! At Alabaster & Chess we pride ourselves on our work with wedding groups. Each occasion calls for an individualized plan to incorporate the wedding’s unique aesthetic, feel and dynamic. Our attention to detail and focus on creating clothing made specifically for you allows us to work with each couple to make your day as special as possible. Our Alabaster & Chess Wedding Guide helps show how we can help you outfit the gents on your special day!

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All you ever wanted to know about Process, Products and Pricing

How does the process work? How long does it take? What about alterations? What are your price points? Find all you need to know about our process, products and pricing in our Guide to Alabaster & Chess Custom Luxury Menswear!

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Accessorizing in leather!

We are proud to be offering premium SterlingKane leather Accessories by Alabaster and Chess. Featuring belts, watch straps, wallets and weekender bags made from the finest Alligator and Calf skins as the perfect compliment to your growing Alabaster & Chess wardrobe.

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Collar & Tie Style Guide

When it comes to collars, there may be some confusion on the different styles and what the best pick is for you. No worries, we’re here to help! This is a quick guide which covers your 5 basic collar types. Read More »

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Using off color finishing to spice up a shirt

Alabaster & Chess shirt finishing allows our customers to individualize every shirt from the most basic fabric selection right down to the last stitch. Changing the color of your button and button hole stitching or using a contrasting color on the inside of your cuffs and collars allows you to add a personal touch that augments standard monogramming and style options. We want each shirt to use complementary color combinations to create an aesthetic that catches but doesn’t distract the eye.
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Introducing A&C Shorts

We are not your grandfather’s stodgy old tailor. We strive to build a full custom wardrobe to match every occasion and mood. You’ve been asking for them and now we’ve delivered. We are excited to introduce shorts to the Alabaster & Chess collection!

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Summery Suits

Summer is around the corner which means one thing; weddings! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about expanding your wardrobe with some lighter options. There are a few different
directions to explore; let me break it down for you.

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