Thea & Michael: Utilizing Textures and Layers

Brooklyn is a city with incredible depth and character. Perhaps no venue captures the various layers of the city and its residents then the beautiful Brooklyn Winery and its incredible reclaimed woods, live walls and craft made wines. For a couple like Thea and Michael, it certainly was a perfect choice. Michael is always looking for a unique style and to stand next to Thea in her gorgeous Ivory Lazaro lace gown, we had to find the perfect compliment. Grain texture in a suit gives an incredible depth of tone, especially to greys. Combined with the layers of his unique wide stitched peak lapel and waistcoat (to feature his Vintage Waltham pocket watch) the dark grain is the perfect choice.

Tara & Mike- True Blue beauty

Weddings mark the union of two lives but when they are done well they marry not only different people, but also their backgrounds and upbringings. Few places have less intrinsic harmony than pastoral Amish Country, PA and the streets of New York. Tara and Mike found the perfect compromise location at the Reading Public Museum which combines the natural beauty of their outdoor gardens with a nod to the arts and culture of NY. As captured perfectly by Michael Handwerk Photography, the clothing also had to find a similar balance. While Tara found her gorgeous Mia Solana dress at Sweetheart Bridal in her hometown of Sinking Spring, PA, Mike and his gents chose the modern elegance of the true blue suit.

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Lianna & Brandon- Grey is the new black.

Lianna and Brandon knew they wanted a spiritual but not traditionally religious wedding. They chose the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culutre venue as a way to embrace their spirtituality, without succombing to convention. Lianna’s gorgeous Nicole Miller dress was simple and sleek to reflect that same ethos and contrast  with the intricate architecture of the venue. Brandon wanted to crate his own twist on the classic grey suit. He embraced the natural black grain of the fabric with a simple black bow-tie and cufflinks, creating a subtle link to the traditional black tie while keeping with the non-comformist theme captured beautifully by Eric Vitale Photography.

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Billy and Jason: Embracing Earth-tones and Vests

Even the most ambitious wedding day dreams don’t have rainbows! They do feature friends, family, love and, in our world, perfect menswear. Working with Billy and Jason guaranteed the latter. The rainbows? That was just the icing on the cake when ominous clouds parted a for some epic photography by Stephanie at North Island Photography over Land’s End in Sayville, New York. We also got to work with two of our favorite types of mens clothing: earth tones and vests. Both are easy to mess up, but when utilized correctly, they can steal the show.  Read More »

Sarah and Chad- Classic & Clean- The Navy Suit

Oftentimes, in life, we overthink things. When a wedding features a lifetime of memories at a cherished venue and a simple yet natural beauty like the Long Island Sound, more is often less. Simple flowers in white, green and blush bridesmaid’s dresses allow the venue and people to shine and the classic navy suit is the perfect complement. It balances natural hues with a deep, yet classic color and plays lighter or darker depending on the lighting, allowing an easy transition from outdoor pictures to the formality of the evening.

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Kim & Steve- The versatility of Charcoal

Few things in life ever live up to life in the movies like the marriage of high school sweethearts. Kim and Steve’s fairy tale started at Mamaroneck High School and it was only fitting that they tied the knot at two of the area’s most iconic venues, captured perfectly by Ricky Restiano Photography. The architectural magnificence of St. Augustine Church and the stunning blend of natural beauty and manicured perfection of the Winged Foot Golf Club required a unique fabric that could stand up to, and transition between, them both, not to mention the timeless elegance of Kim’s Romona Kevesa dress.
The answer? The incredibly versatile, grain textured, Charcoal suit.

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Sophie & Nick! Sailing into the Sunset!

For a lucky few, the wedding venue search is a breeze. Nick and Sophie grew up in the same town on the Maine coast and when they connected later in life, it was obvious where they would tie the knot! Nick practices Maritime Law, grew up in and around Maine’s boats (his father, Chuck designs them!) so adding the schooner backdrop was a natural fit. The incredible early summer day was the perfect start for the this Maine couple and the beautiful brown grain vest & pant held perfect contrast to the ocean blue, the schooner’s light grain and Sophie’s flowing, yet simple dress.

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Chessie & Mike. Fighting wash-out and the heat in Turks and Caicos!

Few locations on Earth lend themselves to more dramatic photography then the beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Chessie and Mike couldn’t have asked for a better day in paradise to tie the knot and we were thrilled to help. The trick with beach weddings is to bring out the natural colors without washing out the clothing in the light. The blueish hued grey suit was the perfect compliment; light enough to enhance the tropical feel but unique and colorful enough to stand up to the shining sand and gleaming ocean.

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Danielle & Chris- Tuxedo from the church to the Park!

Many black tie weddings evoke stuffy ballrooms and a bygone era of formality. However, when the classic lines of formalwear are used to bridge the incomparable grace and beauty of the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola to the natural wonder that is Central Park in Spring, we remember what makes a tuxedo the epicenter of a man’s wardrobe.

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Mollie & Jim- Blue suits at Blue Hill

The opportunity to work with friends on the most important day of their lives is always a rewarding experience. Founder Eli Chess and Jim have been friends since childhood and we wanted to make sure that the boys looked good enough to match the stunning bridal party and stand up to the bucolic scenery of Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills, NY.

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