Billy and Jason: Embracing Earth-tones and Vests

Even the most ambitious wedding day dreams don’t have rainbows! They do feature friends, family, love and, in our world, perfect menswear. Working with Billy and Jason guaranteed the latter. The rainbows? That was just the icing on the cake when ominous clouds parted a for some epic photography by Stephanie at North Island Photography over Land’s End in Sayville, New York. We also got to work with two of our favorite types of mens clothing: earth tones and vests. Both are easy to mess up, but when utilized correctly, they can steal the show. 

Beach weddings let us play with the colors and fabrics of our menswear in unique ways. They also present the challenge of wash-out. Sand, water and ocean skies can play tricks on the eye and we need to be very careful when choosing fabrics. Earth tones like tans and browns can be difficult to distinguish from sand and can look dull in comparison to the vibrant blues of ocean front. Billy and Jason chose a fantastic tone and finished the suits with a strong green to bring out the fabric’s natural hues and provide contrast to the sand and rock background.

Another wedding challenge is how to differentiate the groom(s) from the groomsmen. A vest is a nice way to lend uniformity to the group but allow the groom(s) a higher level of formality. The problem? Cheesy “prom-esque” rentals. Billy and Jason let the guys add some personality and flair to the silk vest backs, and with perfect fit and form, these vest are on the next level.

The clouds rolled in and threatened to put a damper on everything…other than the groomsmen’s spirit and photo poses!

Until the sun shone through, and made the perfect picture to start a marriage!

Congrats guys! Thanks for letting us help in your big day!!

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