Chessie & Mike. Fighting wash-out and the heat in Turks and Caicos!

Few locations on Earth lend themselves to more dramatic photography then the beaches of the Turks and Caicos Islands. Chessie and Mike couldn’t have asked for a better day in paradise to tie the knot and we were thrilled to help. The trick with beach weddings is to bring out the natural colors without washing out the clothing in the light. The blueish hued grey suit was the perfect compliment; light enough to enhance the tropical feel but unique and colorful enough to stand up to the shining sand and gleaming ocean.


Whenever we work in warm climates, the first question is how to beat the heat. While linen and cotton are an option, they often fail to stand up to the formality of the event and dress. Chessie and Mike wanted a more traditional look, so we stayed with a very lightweight wool fabric and used a powder blue half lining for Mike and the dads so that the suits would breathe in the heat (the guys would just wear pants- so less of a concern for them).

We knew that blue, pink and grey would be the palate but the key was to find the perfect hue to marry the natural colors of the beach while fighting wash out from the sun that can make light colors look muted and dull. The grey wool we chose had a slight blue hue and a natural grain texture which gave a natural pop against the light sand and played off the ocean’s blues. The shirts were a soft blue with pink finish that also served to pull the natural blues from the grey fabric.

Congrats to Mike and his incredibly beautiful bride, Chessie. We hope we helped mold the crew enough to stand in the vicinity of the gorgeous bride!

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