Danielle & Chris- Tuxedo from the church to the Park!

Many black tie weddings evoke stuffy ballrooms and a bygone era of formality. However, when the classic lines of formalwear are used to bridge the incomparable grace and beauty of the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola to the natural wonder that is Central Park in Spring, we remember what makes a tuxedo the epicenter of a man’s wardrobe.

Working with Danielle and Chris and their amazing wedding team led by Tamra Sanford of Ever Swoon and perfectly captured by Ron Antonelli of Brian Dorsey Studios was a true honor.

We had worked with Chris for a few months on his work wardrobe and he had a clear vision for the wedding day, which made our job easy. His sizing was confirmed down to the last stitch and we had a working relationship that gave us great insight into Chris’s personal style and preferences.


The flat black tuxedo was augmented with satin on the lapel,  front pocket trim and pant leg but not along the breast pocket trim. This classic configuration allowed for a perfect harmony with Danielle’s dress and the gorgeous lines of the Church.


When the couple moved to the park for more photos, the simple choice of a covered button front shirt and spread collar in lieu of the more traditional studs and wing tip, allowed the shift between venues to proceed seamlessly.


We finished it off with a custom wedding monogram and all that remained was to sit back, and enjoy the day. Congrats guys! Thanks for letting us play a small part in your big day and helping Chris look good enough to stand in the vicinity of his beautiful bride!

Additional credits for makeup: Once Upon a Bride

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