Lianna & Brandon- Grey is the new black.

Lianna and Brandon knew they wanted a spiritual but not traditionally religious wedding. They chose the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culutre venue as a way to embrace their spirtituality, without succombing to convention. Lianna’s gorgeous Nicole Miller dress was simple and sleek to reflect that same ethos and contrast  with the intricate architecture of the venue. Brandon wanted to crate his own twist on the classic grey suit. He embraced the natural black grain of the fabric with a simple black bow-tie and cufflinks, creating a subtle link to the traditional black tie while keeping with the non-comformist theme captured beautifully by Eric Vitale Photography.

The timelessness of black tie is based on the simple, elegant contrast of black and white. Brandon’s grey textured suit harkens to the tuxedo in its simplicity and classic lines. Using the black pocket square and bow-tie plays off the natural black texture in the suit and was a simple yet visually striking nod to tradition while giving it his own twist.

The crisp white shirt is an underrated element of the wardrobe. Simpler is often better and lets the fit do all the talking. Mother of pearl buttons and french cuffs finish the perfect counterpart to your bespoke suit.

Put it all together and Brandon is on point.

Which is good, because he needs to stand next to his gorgeous bride. Congrats and thank for letting us help with your big day!

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