Kim & Steve- The versatility of Charcoal

Few things in life ever live up to life in the movies like the marriage of high school sweethearts. Kim and Steve’s fairy tale started at Mamaroneck High School and it was only fitting that they tied the knot at two of the area’s most iconic venues, captured perfectly by Ricky Restiano Photography. The architectural magnificence of St. Augustine Church and the stunning blend of natural beauty and manicured perfection of the Winged Foot Golf Club required a unique fabric that could stand up to, and transition between, them both, not to mention the timeless elegance of Kim’s Romona Kevesa dress.
The answer? The incredibly versatile, grain textured, Charcoal suit.

Few fabrics can stand up to the formality and elegance of a 100 year old church while still offering the natural grains and hues that fit so well at one of America’s most iconic golf courses.



As an architect, Kim wanted her dress to mirror the simple, clean lines she is drawn to with a slight modern twist. The charcoal suit offered the perfect compliment to Kim’s dress and her bridesmaids in grey: Clean, classic and timeless. In the darker church it plays to a more formal deeper tone, but naturally lightens in the light and earth tones of the golf course.


The dash of pink linings and finishing? The perfect modern twist!

The groomsmen were a mix of cousins, high school buddies and college hockey teammates. They were clearly were enjoying themselves. Must be the suits…

Thanks again guys for letting us help you with your big day! Wishing you many years as happy and healthy as your wedding day!

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