Sophie & Nick! Sailing into the Sunset!

For a lucky few, the wedding venue search is a breeze. Nick and Sophie grew up in the same town on the Maine coast and when they connected later in life, it was obvious where they would tie the knot! Nick practices Maritime Law, grew up in and around Maine’s boats (his father, Chuck designs them!) so adding the schooner backdrop was a natural fit. The incredible early summer day was the perfect start for the this Maine couple and the beautiful brown grain vest & pant held perfect contrast to the ocean blue, the schooner’s light grain and Sophie’s flowing, yet simple dress.

The signing ceremony was held on a two -masted schooner designed by John Alden and the wedding was held just onshore at Sebasco Harbor Resort officiated by Captain Greg Bailey, under whom Nick served during his time on training schooners. They were both shot by the incredibly talented Pipyr. Similarly to the simple task of choosing the perfect venue, Sophie and Nick had great insight into the look they wanted (Nick even spent time working with Alabaster & Chess in Los Angeles!) The boat had a light grain and secondary blue colors featured in Sophie’s dress evoked the water that served as the backdrop.

Brown’s are oft overlooked in the Menswear world. It can be tough to avoid the dreaded “Reagan Brown” when choosing the right tone and grain. The key is to find a texture that utilizes the natural grain of browns (like in leather or wood). Lighter browns also have natural hues that make matching with blue or pastels a natural fit that is sometimes unexpected.

Eschewing the jacket and going with the vest & pant look is increasingly common, and for good reason! Summer weddings are often in warmer settings and are trending away from black tie into a less formal world that allows for a lot more creativity. Nick has always been partial to vests and it was a natural fit on the schooner where working often requires a little extra arm maneuverability!


Thanks again Sophie & Nick for letting us be a part of your big day! Congrats!!

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