Thea & Michael: Utilizing Textures and Layers

Brooklyn is a city with incredible depth and character. Perhaps no venue captures the various layers of the city and its residents then the beautiful Brooklyn Winery and its incredible reclaimed woods, live walls and craft made wines. For a couple like Thea and Michael, it certainly was a perfect choice. Michael is always looking for a unique style and to stand next to Thea in her gorgeous Ivory Lazaro lace gown, we had to find the perfect compliment. Grain texture in a suit gives an incredible depth of tone, especially to greys. Combined with the layers of his unique wide stitched peak lapel and waistcoat (to feature his Vintage Waltham pocket watch) the dark grain is the perfect choice.
Details make the suit. This incredible photograph from Susan Magnano captures the incredible depth and grain of Michael’s suit. A grain texture, as opposed to other types of fabric textures that you can actually feel, only refers to the grain with which the wool is woven. It works particularly well with lighter grey fabrics which, similarly to a brown leather, show the textural elements of the wool. Michael also designed the wider depth of the pick stitching on the lapel, giving the suit an added layer.
The streets of Brooklyn harken back to years past, when men dressed in three pieces and carried a time piece to, you know, tell the time. A gift from Thea, the gorgeous gold Vintage Waltham Watch Co piece with custom chain, is the perfect compliment to Michael’s look that features a peak lapel that nods to a more formal time.
Put it all together and you have a man who clearly knows his own style. We’re just happy to help him make the clothing to match. He looks ready to take over the city!
Wondering why that smile is so big? Look no further than his gorgeous bride, Thea. Her Ivory Strapless sheathe Lazaro gown featuring alencon lace completes the classic couples’ look. Congrats guys and thanks for letting us help in your big day!

A special thanks to Susan Magnano and Magnanimous Pictures for letting us use her incredible photography!

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