Tara & Mike- True Blue beauty

Weddings mark the union of two lives but when they are done well they marry not only different people, but also their backgrounds and upbringings. Few places have less intrinsic harmony than pastoral Amish Country, PA and the streets of New York. Tara and Mike found the perfect compromise location at the Reading Public Museum which combines the natural beauty of their outdoor gardens with a nod to the arts and culture of NY. As captured perfectly by Michael Handwerk Photography, the clothing also had to find a similar balance. While Tara found her gorgeous Mia Solana dress at Sweetheart Bridal in her hometown of Sinking Spring, PA, Mike and his gents chose the modern elegance of the true blue suit.

The true blue suit is increasingly the star or red carpets around the world. As men continue to express themselves through their clothing and step outside the sartorial box, blues are increasingly nudging their more stoic navy cousins aside. Mike and his groomsmen couldn’t have provided a better example.

The contrast couldn’t be any clearer. Dark suits blend into the background but these blue beauties use light horn buttons to match their shoes and enhance the natural blue hues of the suit.

Tara’s bridesmaids in pink were a natural foil to the blue suits which balanced perfectly with the pink boutonniere and natural beauty of the venue.

Thanks again for letting us help with your special day. It was an honor to work with you both and help you on your big day. You truly looked incredible!

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