Custom in New Places- From the Boardroom to the Kitchen: The Casual-cut Coat

What happens to all that custom gear when a Goldman Sachs personal wealth manager turns in his briefcase and power suit for a laptop and skillet?

Meet Nick Taranto, CEO and Co-founder of Plated (, one of the hottest tech start-ups in NYC. We’ve worked with Nick since his days at Harvard Business School and we helped him build a full wardrobe of charcoals and navys when he went to work at banking giant Goldman Sachs.

Back then, Nick was exactly what comes to mind when you think “custom clothing.” Fancy school. Fancy job. Fancy wardrobe. But Nick has always had a wild streak: when weekends as a USMC Lieutenant weren’t enough to keep his soul beating (check out the custom BDU pocket square!), he jumped ship from Goldman Sachs and co-founded Plated, which helps chefs expand their kitchen repertoire with fresh ingredients and chef designed recipes delivered from Maine to California.

So how does Nick’s custom wardrobe translate to the start up world?

Custom wardrobes are incredibly unique creations. There is no universal answer to a question as personal as what you wear to express yourself. For Nick’s new day job, the usual is a deep v-neck tee and jeans. How does custom fit into that puzzle?

Enter the casual cut overcoat. It’s designed to barely slip over the shoulders of a suit and just cover the suit tails, if needed, but cut to wear more casually with jeans. Nick says, “I still get to break out the suits for the odd wedding and events, and my shirts are still a staple for meetings but my casual cut coat is the one piece I still use on a daily basis.”

Nick’s grey prince of wales coat with turquoise lining and buttonhole finishing is like nothing else on the market– literally. After his first wear Nick emailed me, “I just can’t get over how gangster this coat is.” But, “sometimes as Goldman, I felt it was making too much of a statement. Now it’s the perfect compliment to my more casual look.”

Our coats are some of our favorite creations. The coat game is so tired. Everyone wears the same grey or black oversized; The guys who want to be loud wear a camel. We are reinventing the coat game, one frustrated client at a time. More aggressive or less, we promise the coat will be the envy of the room; boardroom or otherwise.

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