Bored of the boring? Re-inventing the classic white shirt.

Once upon a time everyone wore white…every day. While the sartorial world tries to forget that bygone age, in some nooks and crannies of the corporate world, boring conservatism still rules. We think you can bridge the gap. Whether you own one a single white shirt for special occasions or its a staple of your wardrobe, take back control and let us help you make it your own.

White shirts are like tuxedos; The whole point is that everyone looks the same. So how do you stand out from the sea of cotton? Fit, Fit and Details. The fit is our side of the bargain. This is how you win the details.

Step 1: Texture.

Texture in a white shirt gives you depth and character. Flat white tends to attract lint and stains. Texture, whether in a box, stripe or grain- gives your shirt the first twist.

Step 2: Add color

White on white is boring and tame. Adding a finishing color is a great way to give your white shirt a jolt. When buttoned, the color barely shows, and is still conservative enough for the office. Stepping out for a post-work drink or a date? No problem. Loosen your tie, roll up your sleeves and let your peacock show!

Bonus points: Add a pattern

Conquered the first two steps? Filled up with the basic pastel finishings? Take it to the next level by combing steps one and two and give your finishing color a pattern. Before you know it, your boring white closet will be transformed into a versatile combination of textures and color to get you through the week. Never look back.




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