Leave the gold buttons behind: Re-inventing the Navy blazer

The Navy blazer is probably the most common and universal element of a man’s wardrobe- Everyone has one. Its the easy out for most “business casual” endeavors but, in practice, leaves a lot to be desired. Across the world, men fumble their way through, what should be, a man’s best friend. While the classic navy blazer will never go out of style, it can get a little stale. We’ll help you leave the country club, gold button blazer behind, with a few simple twists that will keep you a step ahead.

The Navy Blazer-with a twist: While we always advocate for a little flair, not everyone is ready to build a multiple blazer wardrobe. Versatility is still a virtue and nothing can outdo the traditional blazer. A few ways to jazz it up?

1) Leave the gold buttons for the kids and captains; Switch to a horn button to keep it clean.

2) Use a powder blue finish to lighten the navy and the mood.

3) Use a textured fabric to stand out from the crowd without calling undue attention.

 The true blue blazer: Ready for your alternate to the standard Navy? We’ve got you covered. If you already have a navy or its too dark for your tastes, try a true blue blazer. When you go out at night, it won’t look black and when you’re in a room where everyone is wearing the same navy blazer, you’ll show your individuality. Use a light lining like this purple to add another layer of color!

Seasonal twist: Another way to add some variety to your navy collection is to add a seasonal variety. For late Spring into Fall, try a Navy cotton blazer (not pictured) that will give you the same feel as your standard blazer, but keep you cool in the hotter weather. As the weather cools, you may want to add a tweed. Its the perfect seasonal compliment to the traditional Navy blazer. The heavier wool will keep you warm and styling. A simple herringbone is the classic and will quickly become one of your favorites.

Windowpane wonder: When you have your basics covered, its time to have fun. As your expand your wardrobe, you can add items that don’t fall in the “every-day” category. Take a chance with pattern and finishing to make something that is truly unique. Bespoke clothing is about pushing the boundaries and creating one of a kind items that will always make an impression. This blue windowpane is a great example. The electric blue pattern is accentuated with detail finishing that makes the natural hue of the navy “pop”. Light horn buttons and a fun lining/piping combo take this blazer to hall of fame level.

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