Building your Shirt Collection: The Basics

When you enter the custom clothing world things get overwhelming quickly; especially with shirts. The entire shopping process you know is flipped on its head. Instead of scouring the racks for something that sort of fits, in a color or pattern you kind of like, we help you build something that is uniquely yours and always in your size. But it can be overwhelming! We offer hundreds of fabrics and thousands of style/finishing combinations (some of our favorites here)! We promise it gets easier with time and guidance, but here is a quick primer on building “the basics” of your shirt collection.

There is no question that switching to custom shirts is the most noticeable change you can make to your wardrobe. Full disclosure, we sell suits for a living, ūüėČ but shirts that fit correctly make the biggest difference.

When you commit to building a custom wardrobe, the most important thing to remember is that not every shirt needs to be a “home-run.” Once you wear a shirt that fits you in all the right places, you’ll never go back. All the colors and patterns can be alluring but don’t make the mistake of skimping on the basics.¬†These are the shirts you wear everyday- make sure the fit is right and the details separate you from the crowd.

Just like you build versatility and depth with the “Core Four Suits,”¬†a shirt collection is built with the same mindset.

The most basic shirt is a white. We’ve covered how to “Re-invent the Classic White Shirt”¬†in depth already, but it is the cornerstone of any wardrobe. You can never be underdressed in a crisp white shirt. A few key finishing details like the blue on this shirt and you’ll make a strong impression every time.

Don’t worry if you look in your closet and are overwhelmed by a sea of blue. Almost every wardrobe is anchored in blues. Don’t fight it, embrace it. Blue is a classic for a reason: it’s safe and flattering. We support broadening horizons, but never at the expense of your base. Make sure you have a few go-to solid or textured blues that you feel comfortable wearing all day, every day. Adding some color in the finish detailing is a great way to explore new colors.


The third musketeer in any man’s wardrobe is pink. In this day and age, saying “real men wear pink” is anachronistic. The truth is, all men wear¬†pink! It doesn’t have to be the pink you might find in Barbie’s collection, but embrace a tried and true palate that is flattering on almost everyone and a great compliment to your staple whites and blues.

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