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Spring is Coming! (hopefully)

Nothing beats down the soul like Winter. When it hits as hard and lasts as long as this one has, tweed pants yield to snow pants, coats morph into parkas and dress boots give way to rubber. Even the most ardent sartorial ambition is drowned in the drudgery of slush puddles and black ice. But when the sun finally peaks through and the grass begins to peek through, even the longest winter turns to Spring. Shake off the doldrums, get ready and make sure your Spring and Summer wardrobe is bursting with the color and flavor to enjoy the thaw!

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Leave the gold buttons behind: Re-inventing the Navy blazer

The Navy blazer is probably the most common and universal element of a man’s wardrobe- Everyone has one. Its the easy out for most “business casual” endeavors but, in practice, leaves a lot to be desired. Across the world, men fumble their way through, what should be, a man’s best friend. While the classic navy blazer will never go out of style, it can get a little stale. We’ll help you leave the country club, gold button blazer behind, with a few simple twists that will keep you a step ahead.

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Custom in New Places- From the Boardroom to the Kitchen: The Casual-cut Coat

What happens to all that custom gear when a Goldman Sachs personal wealth manager turns in his briefcase and power suit for a laptop and skillet?

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Western Style in an Urban Palette

The juxtaposition of colors and styles is what makes fashion interesting. At Alabaster & Chess we try to bridge the gap between your old school tailor and the ways of the fashion world. You love the fit of your work gear. Your event wardrobe gets you scores of compliments. Why wouldn’t you wear custom gear casually? The Western style snap button shirt is a staple of the American wardrobe. Take it to the next level by utilizing an urban palette of colors and finishing that would make Jack Weil blush!

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